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Hippies, Ballerinas, and Pilots!

Last week, loads of Bold Strokes Books authors descended on Provincetown, MA for panels, readings, and book signings during Women’s Week 2016. I managed to grab a few of them for a quick conversation about their current and upcoming work, and I’ll be posting these vlogs over the course of the next week. First up, MJ Williamz, Melissa Brayden, and Julie Tizard.

MJ Williamz

Known for erotic stories in a wide variety of interesting settings, MJ Williamz offers up Love on Liberty, a story of a 1960’s love child who falls for a Navy nurse. Click here to see MJ channel her inner love child.

Melissa Bradyen

Melissa Brayden’s last release is First Position, a tale of two rival ballet dancers. Click here to get the skinny on First Position and a preview of what Melissa’s working on now.

Julie Tizard

New Bold Strokes Books author Julie Tizard has flown planes for as long as she can remember, but The Road to Wings is her first novel. Available in 2017, you’re not going to want to miss this amazing story told by a veteran pilot. Fasten your seat belts and tune in here for the view from the cockpit.



Notes from the Pageant Circuit:Palm Springs 2013


Being a first time author, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at Bold Strokes Books 2013 LGBTQ book festival in Palm Springs. I thought perhaps it would be a pageant-like atmosphere, with one of us being crowned at the end. Because of the glorious desert climate I worried that the writers would be subjected to participation in a swimsuit competition. Wanting to have the best possible shot of winning, I texted my friend Shawn to schedule an appointment for some long overdue pre-trip manscaping. Immediately he texted back:

“Ken, have fun in Palm Springs. Sorry I’m in Mexico, Can’t help U get your smooth on. Better make peace with your inner Bear.”

I almost cancelled my flight.

Thankfully, I did not. Forced to forgo the Boyzilian, I boarded the plane in a far more natural state than was my want.  To my great relief there was no swimsuit completion. We didn’t even compete in evening gowns, which I wish someone had told me in advance because it would have saved me so much room in my carry on bag. There were however four days worth of talent competitions.

Well, no, not talent competitions. It was more like four days worth of talent celebrations.

My chief objective in attending the event (aside from winning Miss Congeniality) was to meet, and spend time, with my fellow writers. I’d been feeling like I needed a reminder that I love to write, and hearing author after author share their dazzling work I absolutely was reminded. I left each day inspired to work—committed to completing another novel.

But something even more wonderful happened. I wasn’t just reminded that I love to write. I was reminded that I love to read.

More specifically, I was reminded why I love to read. Reading takes me places I’ve never been.  It takes me into the lives of people different from myself. Even with every one of my body hairs intact, I will never really be one of Radclyffe’s wolves. But with a book in hand I can howl. Nor will I ever be a lesbian—or a woman of any orientation—but while reading I can pretend to be one.

On Thursday I attended a panel called Kiss and Tell: Scenes of Lesbian Desire. I was present for the session because I wanted to be supportive of my fellow Bold Strokes authors, not because I was particularly interested in the topic. But then something simultaneously wonderful and embarrassing happened. Ashley Bartlett began reading a sex scene from one of her “Dirty” seriesDirty Money 300 DPI of novels. And my interest perked up—considerably. It’s been years since I was in High School, still I found myself reaching for my books and placing them in my lap for camouflage.

What was happening to me?

The answer was Obvi: I was being moved (or in this case turned on) by the power of a well-written story. And over the course of four days my colleagues stories moved me again and again—though only Ash’s words caused that particular type of movement.

Really this shouldn’t be news to someone who loves books, and yet it did come as a revelation to me. Sure, I like to read stories about gay men. But I also want to read books about the lives of lesbians and bisexual people and straight women and straight men. Bring me your transsexuals and your questioning. (Or is it queer? Does anyone really know what the Q stands for?) Honestly, I am totally game for a great asexual hero, too.

All I want—aside from Nell Stark’s tiara—is a great story and an interesting world and smart and pithy dialogue.

Oh, and apparently some hot, dirty lesbian sex.

Are you Ready for This…?

by Clara Nipper

Good morning, children, today we are going to talk about the birds and the bees. When two adults are in love, they hug in a special way and that is sex.

So now it’s the writer’s job to capture that mind-blowing, earth-shattering hug of love somehow and communicate all the tension, passion, lust, urgency, juice, satisfaction, release and repeat on paper.

Usually, I’m not a “method” writer. I don’t believe I have to be miserable to write of misery. Same goes for joy or fear or any other human experience. I think, as writers, this is where we draw on our skills and imaginations, so we can be free of the limitations of our own possibly small, sheltered lives. We can sit in safety and comfort while we put our characters through the rigors of hell without having to go through all that too, thank goodness.

The exception is sex. In my experience, sex and creativity are profoundly and inextricably linked. I know, this is not a fresh insight. Probably when the earth was cooling, one amoeba complained to another of feeling stale and stuck while writing her memoir and that when she was having great binary fission, the writing just flowed. So we’ve all heard it before, but there’s a difference between knowing and knowing. When I’m not feeling that erotic, the sex scenes are dull and I know readers are checking their watches and hoping for that root canal. Or even worse, laughing hysterically. Unfortunately, I have had some of my most belly aching, rib-cracking, pee in my pants, snorting, gasping for air, begging for mercy laugh sessions while reading samples of erotic fiction that was clearly written by a Republican or by someone else who never had an orgasm. Just the phrase ‘throbbing member’ will set me off.

But when my wet-ware is engaged, I can tell the difference and the writing is more likely to seduce. The words will sizzle. That is not to mean that I have done everything I’ve erotically written about literally as I’ve written it; or that if you want to write about hot pony play, before you write it, you must get a bridle, a butt plug tail and pony shoes (thought it surely couldn’t hurt, ha, ha), it just means that when your sex is fed, you’re nourished and inspired and the erotic scenes will ‘come’ as naturally as all those delicious orgasms.

Therefore, let me just urge you, as one who knows: got block? Have sex, even if it’s by yourself. You’ll hug me later.

Get The Picture

by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Note: All tumblr links are for those over 18 years of age

I don’t know what these panster folks are smoking, but I’m a plotter. I need outlines. I need a plan and for some strange reason, before I sit down to write a story, I need a contrete picture of a character in my head. So I take to Google, and then when I’m bogged down with porn and offensive stock images, I usually take to tumblr. Thank god for its search feature. Some times I’m watching a movie or a television show and I see an actor who just speaks to me. When I saw Quatum of Solace, Gemma Arterton immediately jumped out to me as the perfect Ginger. Over time, I saw other redheads who fit Ginger’s character as well. I love Kate Mara, but I think I’ve finally settled on Emma Stone. Never mind Better Off Red has been out for months.

Camila came to me as singer/model Cassie right away, but then there’s Demi Lovato, and Naya Rivera who looked ridiculously sexy in that horrible episode of Glee where Will had the kids in New Directions propose to Emma for him. Yaris Sanchez inspired Camila’s hot bod.

I have an unhealthy obsession with plus-sized model Tara Lynn. She was Benny before Benny had a name. The same thing happened with Cleo. When Daughters Of The Dragon first hit the shelves I could not get this depiction of Misty Knight out of my head, but it wasn’t until I met my tumblr friend Susy that Cleo had a face. Susy said I could share her face here.

When I came up with the character of Anna-Jade, Selena Gomez, who looks fifteen on a good day, immediately came to mind. For Dalhem, in human form of course, I found Sendhil Ramamurthy from Heroes.

When I started on The Fling, Oksana had hair. For like five minutes. Then I saw some naked pictures of Amber Rose online, pierced nipples and all, and I knew Oksana had to be bald. Annie started off as Elisha Culbert of 24 fame, but Melissa Debling kept popping up naked in my tumblr feed. It was easy to picture her and a naked Amber Rose together. This is one of two pictures I found of Melissa with her clothes on.

Right now, I’m working on another erotic, BDSM romance that I’m calling Suzy & Pilar. I’ve found Korean-Jamacian model/actress Tae Heckard for Suzy and Sara Ramirez for Pilar. Tae takes a ton of instagram pictures of herself and posts them on her blog. I’ve never seen someone so photogenic in sweatpants and a hat.

So this is where I start, with pictures. Lots of pictures. It helps get the writing process moving.

You can see the rest of what I had in mind for the girls of Alpha Better Omega and their sister-queens here:

Pictures of various Annies, Oksanas and Kats can be found here:

Consider all pictures to be 18+.

Why the Pen Name?



Regular readers of the many great books published by BSB are unfamiliar with the name Lesley Gowan. To tell you the truth, I am too, and I’m Lesley Gowan! But Leslie is a pen name, brand new for the publication of  The Collectors, which is out February 14. Let me explain a little about how this came about and why I’ve chosen to use a pen name for this novel.

Under my real name I have published a mystery novel with BSB (and an earlier mystery with another publisher) and plan to write more in that and who knows what other genres. I’m no less proud of , but it doesn’t take reading much past the first few pages of the novel to see it is clearly, most decidedly, most wickedly, erotica. No holds barred erotica. I like to think it’s also a very good story with some well-drawn characters, but let’s face it. When you write a book about one woman sexually dominating another, the talk isn’t concentrated on story arc, point of view, pace or any other writerly things. It’s about sex. Unconventional sex. For whatever reason, when I sat down to write an erotic novel, this is the story that came out, and when all is said and done, I think it may be some of the best writing I’ve done.

But. If I were making my living solely by my writing, or if I worked in any kind of job where my name never appeared on the internet, I wouldn’t have any qualms publishing The Collectors under my real name. In fact, I’m going to miss being directly associated with it. But, unfortunately, my career is such that current and potential clients often look me up online to either contact me or find out a little about me. I’m totally comfortable with them knowing I’m a writer of lesbian mysteries. But I don’t completely trust that they won’t blanch to find out I’ve also written a BDSM novel. Times are tough and a girl’s gotta eat. Lesley Gowan won’t miss any meals by people knowing what kind of book she’s written.

Earlier in my writing career I wrote some erotic short stories under the name Claire Martin, a couple of which were published in the Erotic Interludes series by BSB. I haven’t a clue why I didn’t use that name again. Frankly, it just slipped my mind. So now I have another identity to add to my own and the closet is getting a little crowded.

For those of you who may blanch yourselves at the idea of a BDSM novel, I encourage you to pick up The Collectors despite your doubts. I’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with a number of very respected writers who have done me the favor of reading my manuscript before it went to press. They all have commented that even though the sex might not be the kind they practice, it was “inflaming,” to use one poet’s word. And the story is engaging. There’s actually stuff going on between the sex scenes! Even my partner, who was not thrilled that this book was going out in the world, loves the story and knows it has an audience. I hope you’ll be among the readership and that you’ll let me know what you think. I’ll be setting up a Facebook page for Lesley, as well as placing her email address in the biography section of the book. Let her (me!) know what you think.

And for those of you who think you’ve guessed my identity, please leave your guesses in the Comments section. I’ll contact the winners privately.

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