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Cash and the Contractor

Here are the final two vlogs from Provincetown. Thanks for tuning in!

Ashley Bartlett

Cash Braddock


Ashley Bartlett is tackling a new series and it delivers more of the strong, cool, and unique voice her fans have come to expect. Cash Braddock, the first book, is available now and you don’t want to miss this one. Click here to get the inside scoop.




Aurora Rey



Aurora Rey’s latest novel, Built to Last, is a sweet and steamy love story that will appeal to romantics and DIYers alike. Tune in here to learn about Aurora’s love affair with tractors and all the great stories she’ll be writing for us in the next year.

How Deep is Your Love?

Ali Vali

Beneath The Waves 300 DPI


Ali Vali is the consummate story teller, whether she’s spinning tales about everyone’s favorite gangster, Cain Casey, or penning one of her other adventures in romance. Tune in here for the scoop about her latest novel, Beneath the Waves.




M. Ullrich



M. Ullrich, romance author and sock aficionado, stopped by Recovering Hearts Bookstore during Women’s Week to talk to me about her latest novel, Life in Death, a moving story of second chance love. Click here for the story behind the story.

Sleuths and Secrets

Three more vlogs!

Samantha Boyette



Samantha Boyette is my new BFF because we both love Veronica Mars. I heard her read from her upcoming young adult mystery, 18 Months, and I can hardly wait for the December release date. Click here to get the inside scoop.




Jessica L. Webb



Is everyone ready for the second Dr. Kate Morrison mystery? I know I am! The wait will soon be over as the next book, Pathogen, comes out in December, but in the meantime, tune in here to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Kate and Andy.




Laydin Michaels



Laydin Michaels is fast becoming known for her thrillers. Her latest release, Bitter Root, features a reclusive chef with a secret past and you’re not going to want to miss this exciting read. Click here for the inside story.


Matchmaker Cubed

Miss Match



Fiona Riley answers questions about her lesbian matchmaker series while performing death-defying tricks of wonder! Well, maybe not death-defying, but totally cool never-the-less. Tune in here to see all the fun.

Unlikely Match_final

Lesbians in Paradise and Lesbians on the Run

Two more vlogs!




Maggie Cummings dishes about her Bay West social series. You’re going to want to hear all about this lesbian mecca on Staten Island and rush right out to get the first two books: Totally Worth It and Serious Potential. Click here for the inside scoop.





Imperfect Truth


C.A. Popovich goes all out to demonstrate what one of the main characters in her October release, Imperfect Truth, has to go through to protect herself and her family. Tune in here for the inside story.


Soldiers, Artists, and Firefighters

Three more vlogs for your viewing pleasure:

Jaycie Morrison



Jaycie Morrison talks about the inspiration behind her herstory-packed first novel, Basic Training of the Heart. Click here for the scoop.






Charlotte Greene 

A Palette for Love


Charlotte Greene’s upcoming novel, A Palette for Love, is a steamy romp through the art world in New Orleans and you’re not going to want to miss this November release. Tune in here to meet Charlotte.




Emily Smith



Emily Smith’s experience in medicine lends an extra level of authenticity to her novels about first responders. Click here to listen in to our conversation about her latest work, After the Fire, a love story between an experienced EMT and a rookie firefighter.

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