Hippies, Ballerinas, and Pilots!

Last week, loads of Bold Strokes Books authors descended on Provincetown, MA for panels, readings, and book signings during Women’s Week 2016. I managed to grab a few of them for a quick conversation about their current and upcoming work, and I’ll be posting these vlogs over the course of the next week. First up, MJ Williamz, Melissa Brayden, and Julie Tizard.

MJ Williamz

Known for erotic stories in a wide variety of interesting settings, MJ Williamz offers up Love on Liberty, a story of a 1960’s love child who falls for a Navy nurse. Click here to see MJ channel her inner love child.

Melissa Bradyen

Melissa Brayden’s last release is First Position, a tale of two rival ballet dancers. Click here to get the skinny on First Position and a preview of what Melissa’s working on now.

Julie Tizard

New Bold Strokes Books author Julie Tizard has flown planes for as long as she can remember, but The Road to Wings is her first novel. Available in 2017, you’re not going to want to miss this amazing story told by a veteran pilot. Fasten your seat belts and tune in here for the view from the cockpit.



1 Response to “Hippies, Ballerinas, and Pilots!”

  1. 1 devlyn October 22, 2016 at 2:01 AM

    Wow, how exciting to see my old friends and meet Julie via Carsen’s VLog. I cant thank you enough for bringing Bold Strokes Authors to my lounge room, I always enjoy the interactions you all have.


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