“Sea Life”

By Karis Walsh

Tales From Sea Glass Inn 300 DPITales from Sea Glass Inn, my tenth novel, was released this month. I journeyed back in time with this one—back to the setting of my third book, back to memories of Cannon Beach, and back to the time I spent working at the ocean after an oil spill. I was accompanied by Pam and Mel, as well as eight of their friends, neighbors, and guests. As if the tour bus wasn’t full enough on the trip, I also had another element in the forefront of my mind as I traveled through these novellas—the ocean itself.


I often feel that my settings are characters as much as they are places, and this is most true when I’m writing about the sea. For many of us, the ocean seems to speak to something deep and primal. The throbbing beat of the waves, the taste of salt on our lips, the shifting sand under our feet. We connect to nature and the timelessness of tides and the vastness of the world in a way we can’t in any other place. I’m sure there are as many reasons for the ocean’s effects as there are people who experience them, but for my novellas I came up with four key ideas. Being near the ocean heals us. It provokes creativity. Its beauty causes passion to flare inside us. And the concentration of life along a narrow strip of shore, singing to the constant beat of waves and tides, turns communities into families.Ocean1


Like the beach, the women in this book are nurturers, healers, creators, and lovers, but their hearts carry the sludge of old wounds. As they scrub the oil off the birds and beaches, they find themselves washing away their own pain until their hearts are clean enough to love again.


I love walking along cool mountain trails next to trickling streams. I am awed by the scorched and prickly beauty of Texas. I am far from the ocean now, but I felt close to it while I wrote these tales. I hope my readers are able to hear the oceancry of gulls and smell the tangled seaweed and feel the ocean in all its healing power on this second visit to the Sea Glass Inn.


4 Responses to ““Sea Life””

  1. 1 Devlyn July 26, 2016 at 7:26 PM

    I love the tranquility of the sea and yet it’s power is not something to be challenged lightly.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your first book Sea Glass Inn and am really looking forward to this one too. I look forward to hopefully catching up with characters and settings which come to life in my imagination.


  2. 2 kariswalsh July 27, 2016 at 10:46 PM

    I hope you like this second visit to the Inn, Devlyn! I agree about the ocean–the dichotomy of peace and power is very moving.


  3. 3 S.A. July 28, 2016 at 12:25 PM

    Looking forward to reading this one! I enjoyed SGI and am glad you’re doing a follow-up. 🙂 I love your blog description of the parallel between the ocean and this new/old-favorite cast of characters. I’m also looking forward to your next installment of the Mounted Patrol series in February! I recently re-read these and am now hankering for the Puyallup Fair to get underway. 😉


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