Never Stop, Never Give Up

          By Sawyer Caine


I have always enjoyed writing as a kind of escapism from the drudgery of reality. No matter how well we cover our bases, the real world easily turns a homerun into a foul. However, writing is not without its risks. I compare writing to art in the sense that the author is an artist putting his or her work out there for the public to judge. It causes some of us to be a bit neurotic but I think that goes with the territory. I felt the urge to begin writing in earnest when I was about twelve. I actually composed a semi-erotic piece of what is now called fanfiction based on the anime Robotech. Yes, I do date myself when I admit that. At any rate, it was my first foray into the amazing world of fiction writing. From that point on out, I was hooked. Though I do blush when I look back at my beginning and how pathetic that first attempt was, I feel an extreme sense of accomplishment at becoming a published author; one of my life’s goals.

I felt compelled to write my first book, when I was studying about the 1930’s. I began to see the characters in my head and to imagine what sort of escapades I could place them in. Drawing from my love of history, I began to research and put it all together. I carry a notepad with me at all times and would stop in the middle of my workday to jot down some little bit of inspiration. I think that I connect most with Lord Alfred in this story. Though he is selfish, greedy, and pushes on with his own desires even though he realizes the consequences, his perseverance to reach his goal inspires me. The strongest character is no doubt his American lover Frederick, who endures a great deal of pain in order to hold onto the man he loves. The story is set in the Amazon jungle, an element rich with scenery that lends itself well to a steamy backdrop. The tale is rich with discovery, adventure, mystery, eroticism, romance, and a hint of the paranormal. The Black Orchid has an Indiana Jones-ish quality that will appeal to readers who love sensual mystery.



The second book I published with Bold Strokes was. I wrote this book over about a six-month period during which I was inspired by New Orleans and the glamor of Hollywood. I wanted to combine then both into a raunchy, yet romantic drama. The main character Ash, is flawed in many ways and he realizes it. He is mysteriously bound to his best friend, a famous movie star. Ash is surprised by the sudden attraction he feels for Gavin, the younger brother of his best friend. As the story unfolds, clues about the bond between Ash and Gavin’s older brother begin to surface. The boys engage in a wild ride of sex, drugs, alcohol and debauchery in the Big Easy before Ash’s secret comes back to haunt them. Life throws many roadblocks in the way of this couple, just as it does for all of us. I wanted to show the gritty reality of Ash’s existence and the choices he’d been forced to make, while also letting his vulnerabilities come through. Gavin, though somewhat bratty and insecure is the exact counterbalance that Ash is looking for in his life; someone he can love and protect. Readers looking for a hot, sexy romance, stepped with a little bit of mystery, will enjoy this book.



I will be back in May to discuss my third book, New York Nights and I’m looking forward to that with much anticipation. Before signing off, I would like to leave a word of encouragement to fledgling writers. Never stop and never give up. Keep striving and perfecting your craft and eventually, someone will notice!

4 Responses to “Never Stop, Never Give Up”

  1. 1 S.A. February 26, 2015 at 4:06 PM

    These books sound interesting, and I don’t find it odd that you compare writing to art for exactly the reason you mention – the artist/author is putting his or her work out in front of the public for review and scrutiny. An intensely introverted person myself, I have great admiration for people willing to do that. Congrats on the books!


  2. 3 Devlyn February 28, 2015 at 5:50 AM

    Congrats on publishing with BSB and for writing this enlightening blog.
    I like how you said that you write to escape reality, for this is the reason I read these types of books. If I could string more than a few sentences together I would probably try my hand at writing to escape too but with so many excellent books out there by very talented authors, I don’t need to.


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