Maxine Wore Black

 By Ifbatmanwereajedi

Maxine Wore Black 300 DPI

“Maxine is the girl of Jayla’s dreams: she’s charming, magnetic, and loves Jayla for her transgender self. There’s only one problem with Maxine—she already has a girlfriend, perfect Becky.

Jayla quickly falls under Maxine’s spell, and she’s willing to do anything to win her. But when Becky turns up dead, Jayla is pulled into a tangle of deceit, lies, and murder. Now Jayla is forced to choose between love and the truth.

Jayla will need all the strength she has to escape the darkness that threatens to take her very life.”

What I Like About This Book:

Alright, so right from the get-go I knew I liked the character Ermin. (Even if they are a small character) First off, I love how Francesca doesn’t even hesitate to ask them what their preferred pronoun was. (Something everyone should get in the habit of doing.) When they answered that they just preferred Ermin, I fell for this character. As a gender fluid individual myself, it’s always nice to have a non-gender conforming character to relate to.

The book always kept you wondering. “Where was Becky’s death going? Why was Maxine so interested in Jayla? Why was Danny so hostile towards them both? Is this a clue? Could this be possible foreshadowing?” These were all questions I found myself asking as I read the book.

The book makes you question what you thought you knew. I knew I liked Maxine and I hated Becky in the beginning of the book. However, towards the end I found myself hating Maxine and feeling more sympathetic towards Becky.

I love how they used transgender characters because I feel like there isn’t enough books that have good, strong transgender characters. I also love how the book combatted the idea that all transgender people were heterosexual. The variety in these characters are perfect!

To me. the length of this book is perfect. It didn’t take too long to finish but it certainly wasn’t a quick read either.

Finally, I love the way Maxine and Jayla’s relationship is portrayed. It shows how dangerous abusive relationships are because in the beginning you don’t even realize it’s abusive. You only realize after it gets gradually worse.

What I Disliked About This Book:

There were certain parts in the book that seemed to drag where others were really fast-paced. While this helps with the tone of the book, personally it left me a bit confused.

I wish we got to know Becky a bit more. All we really know about her is what other people remember, but we never got to interact with her firsthand.



So in conclusion, this has to be one of my favorite books. It has such a wonderful variety of characters and a beautifully developed plot line. I enjoyed trying to figure out how the book would end, and then the book just completely surprising me afterwards! I honestly think if you are a fan of thrillers or mysteries, you should read this book.

I would definitely reread this book and recommend it to others.

5/5 BatSabers from me!

2 Responses to “Maxine Wore Black”

  1. 1 Devlyn February 19, 2015 at 7:42 PM

    For a book I otherwise wouldn’t even look at, this blog has piqued my interest. Thank you.


  2. 2 S.A. February 20, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! When looking at books by authors I’m not familiar with, reader feedback is a key component to whether or not I pursue the book. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thanks for the honest critique. And I agree – the book deals with characters (e.g., transgender) often missing from other books.


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