Kings of Ruin- A Guest Review

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN MEN IN BLACK, ROCK N ROLL, AND LGBT YA ROMANCE HAVE A BABY? KINGS OF RUIN THAT’S WHAT! When I got this book in the mail, I was very intrigued by this book. The thought of alien cars and LGBT romance novels fitting together really caught my attention. The book that I shall be reviewing today is Kings Of Ruin by Sam Cameron.Kings of Ruin


Excerpt from back of the book:


“Danny Kelly cares only for rock ‘n’ roll and fast cars. Too bad he’s stuck in the capital of country music and he’s banned from driving until he turns twenty-one. Plus he likes other boys, a secret that he’s vowed to keep until he graduates high school. When his stepdad’s new truck roars off on its own, Danny discovers a secret that is endangering cars and drivers across America. It almost kills Danny, too, until he’s saved by seventeen-year-old Kevin Clark. Kevin’s gay, handsome, and confident, but working with his dad’s secret government organization has left him lonely. It’s going to take a weekend of car chases, fiery explosions, and country-western singing to save the citizens of Nashville from certain death—but can Danny protect his heart and secrets as well?”



Let’s jump into this review before a King pops up!


What I Disliked About This Book:

Timing. I know this book was made to be a fast read, but for someone like me who likes to savor the story and take their time getting to know the characters, this pace is far too fast. I feel as if I almost got whiplash reading this.

This somewhat goes hand-in-hand with this timing; I wish I would’ve gotten a better idea of the relationship between characters. How much does Danny hate Junior? How are things between Kevin and Mrs.Morris? Does Kevin see this woman as a friend? Perhaps a motherly figure? Due to the fast pace I couldn’t get a good grasp of character’s relationships.

What I Liked About This Book:


The concept. I really liked the idea of this book. I have never seen a book with an idea like this and I love that it’s unique! The idea was also executed very well.

Visuals. Even though it has a fast pace, this book makes sure you know what certain scenes look like. What color was that car? It tells you, but it also tells you what Danny sees. Which is very cool. You’ll get brand names, and sometimes you even get descriptions of sounds. This book really immerses you.

But what I liked most about this was that Danny and Kevin’s romance WAS NOT the main issue of the story. This story shows, that yeah there are two gay teenagers who meet, but they have more important issues than falling in love. They have a world to save from aliens! That’s important!



All in all, this book was really fun. Reading this book felt like a high-speed car ride, fun and fast. I would give it 3.5 BatSabers and I would recommend this book to a couple of people. It’s truly unique so if you are looking for something different to read; try out Kings of Ruin?

1 Response to “Kings of Ruin- A Guest Review”

  1. 1 SA September 24, 2014 at 12:14 PM

    Thanks for the honest review of the book! I agree it can be nice to have the romance element woven into a larger plot rather than front-and-center.


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