Kings of Ruin

by Harmoni

Kings of Ruin

This is the book of my DREAMS because I love cars and awesome supernatural/scifi novels. When you put them together it is an unbelievable story. When I first brought this book home, my father told me he thought the book would be more for boys and not for girls because it has to do with cars and alien-like elements. But I told him it doesn’t matter what gender you are, you can still read the book. And now I want there to be a sequel so that I can continue reading Danny’s adventure.

I can connect to Danny because of his love of cars and going fast, but I will never get my license taken away. I also won’t be reckless. Danny is reckless when he’s about fourteen years old, which is my age right now. He steals a car and drives away from the cops but crashes. As a result, he cannot get his license until he is twenty-one.

When people think of a book with cars, they think male teens should read the book and not female teens. But this is stereotyping because I read the book and loved the book. I love cars because I grew up around cars. It’s not just a “boy” thing. And it’s not just a gay or straight thing. I know how to fix cars, add things to them, and like Danny, I know how to drive even though I’m not sixteen yet. When I’m working on cars, I feel free. Cars are not like people, and they’re not like animals. You have to work on them, and it’s work you can enjoy even though it can take a long time. But in the end it’s a relief because now the car works, and you’re the one that fixed it.

Danny has a sister, and so do I, which is another connection we shared. Rachel reminds me of my sister because she’s really uptight. When she’s talking to Danny, she has that “I’m better than you” status, which is probably normal because she is a step-sister, and her father is Danny’s step-father. I also have a stepfather. This book is filled with connections for me! That could be another reason I connected so strongly to Danny. Danny’s stepfather cares about him and is worried about him, just like my stepfather worries for me. I’m glad the stepfather was portrayed a sympathetic character because it makes it less “Cinderella” like with the “evil” stepmother/father/sibling aspect.

The book is written from Danny and Kevin’s perspective. Kevin is another teen who works to try to find the Kings, which are alien-like substances that take over vehicles to make people crash. The changes in viewpoints give readers a new view on what the characters see and how they feel for events that are happening to them. I connected to Danny more because when he’s doing something, he does it for some specific reason, whether for someone he loves, or because he likes it. Kevin is more “I’m doing this, and I’m doing it without you” because he leaves Danny behind. But Danny keeps pushing and that leads me to think there might be a sequel.

I recommend this novel to teens that like aliens, cars, and romance. There is romance in this book between Danny and Kevin, and Danny is afraid to come out until he’s out of high school. Danny goes to a boarding school and pretends he has a girlfriend, even though he’s gay. I didn’t mind this because it’s what he likes, and it made him more real. And Kevin’s more out in the open about being gay, and he’s more sure that he liked Danny, but he did try to hide it a little.

There NEEDS to be a sequel to this book!

2 Responses to “Kings of Ruin”

  1. 1 writerjenlavoie April 15, 2014 at 11:55 AM

    I also LOVED this book! And I agree with Harmoni, it doesn’t have to be a boy or a girl thing. I loved the book because of the scifi elements. And as a fan of Transformers, it reminded me a lot of the movie. Is there going to be a sequel? Because I agree. There does need to be one!


  2. 2 Linda April 16, 2014 at 3:05 PM

    Thank you Harmoni! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s so important to look beyond and without all the stupid stereotypes. And just love who we are. Excuse my English. I’m from the Netherlands so.. But I’m sure you get my drift :). Do keep up your wonderful writing! Hugs from the lowlands.

    And btw I so love my Vespa..


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