What’s So Sexy About Pirates?

Errol Flynn. Johnny Depp. Through the generations hearts have fluttered over the swashbuckling heroes of the screen. Those swordfights! Those outfits! Those sexy eye patches! Of course you know it’s all Hollywood, but you set that aside for an hour and a half and wallow in the forbidden glamour of it all. Pirates are bad boys, and everybody loves bad boys, but these bad boys are out of control. They live completely outside the law. Once they get their hands on you, they could do anything to you. For the kinky imagination, anything is a very powerful word.
Real Buccaneers’ lives were of course much different. The name originally referred to a group of 17th Century French Caribbean outlaws who lived on small islands and survived mainly by hunting wild cattle. They were able and willing to go pirating, but opportunities were often few and far between. Being a society all but devoid of women, they formed male same-sex couples who did everything, including sleep, together. Sometimes one partner would assume a woman’s role.
Buccaneer Island is set in the 18th Century, years after that traditional Buccaneer culture had spread and relocated and changed in many ways. The name by this time defines a much more heterogeneous group, including in some cases escaped slaves. For a time, Dominica, in the Antilles, was a Buccaneer stronghold, and I have set my story there. Beyond that, almost everything is fantasy based on that frisson that accompanies the word anything. They can do anything to you. The submissive mind is free to wander.
My first foray into male submissive erotic fiction was a short femdom novel called Her Perfect Wife. For a man in a thirty-year marriage to a very understanding woman, it wasn’t too great a leap of imagination. The couple in the book get up to some things I’m quite familiar with, and others I can only imagine. But that’s what I do: I imagine things, and write them down. For that first book, I had a modicum of experience to add to the mix. Buccaneer Island was another matter altogether.
I must confess I have no first-hand knowledge of gay, 18th Century pirate life. Nor did my research turn up a lot of detail on the subject. So for instance, if anyone were to challenge me on it, I couldn’t provide evidence to support the amount of spanking that goes on in the book. It’s quite possible that spanking was no more common among Buccaneers than anywhere else in the 18th Century. On the other hand, maybe I got it right. Maybe spanking and sexual submission were a common feature of Buccaneer life.
After all, they could do anything. 

5 Responses to “What’s So Sexy About Pirates?”

  1. 1 Denna April 10, 2012 at 10:23 AM

    I retire in 6 days and I hope to spend my first summer off in nearly 30 years reading my way through all the BSB books. Some goal, huh? Your book sounds exactly like what I’ll need to take with me on our cruise to the Caribbean.


  2. 2 Allie F April 10, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    Pirates. Spanking. What’s not to like? ;-p Adding it to my ‘to read’ list!


  3. 3 Joni April 10, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    I don’t know that we’ll ever have a complete picture of that point in time……. but it’s a fair assumption that this generation did not invent homosexuality, submission, etc. Imagination can’t be that far from the truth.


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