Bold Strokes Books: Victory Editions—-More than Romance

By Clifford Henderson

Let me preface what is to follow by saying some of my best friends are romance writers. 

Second, don’t let my name fool you. I’m a lesbian.

So, I get it. Lesbians like to read love stories. Hell, if you look at book sales across the board you’ll find a lot of people like to read love stories. Especially women. Whether you like the ones with lots of sex or skip over those parts to get to the sentiment, or you like the paranormals or the plot that are full of intrigue, one thing is for sure: you crave the happy ending, the lovers, against all odds, coming together and pledging their love.  

But don’t you occasionally want to sample something new? Just to shake things up a bit? A novel that might stick with you for days, change the way you think, make you ponder lesbian life beyond those initial phases of first love? Welcome to Bold Strokes Books’ Victory Editions, lesbian fiction that explores other aspects of our lives and loves. 

I have published two books under this label, “The Middle of Somewhere,” my novel set in the Texas panhandle, which won ForeWord Magazine’s gold medal Book of the Year contest in the gay and lesbian category and Lesbian Fiction Reader’s Awards in both mainstream and humor. The protagonist of this novel takes you from the bars in San Francisco to Baptist church pews in the panhandle of Texas. It also delves into the need to become whole before we can truly love. “Spanking New,” my novel about life before birth, soars into the cosmos and attempts to answer such lofty questions as: Where do we come from? How did I get stuck in this family? How come I was born a girl when I feel so much like a boy? I’m also excited to have a third, coming out in January. It focuses on a young woman’s attempt to understand her three parents, her mom, her dad, and her mom’s lover—who also happens to be her dad’s twin sister.

I’m not the only Bold Strokes Books author who likes poking around in other parts of the psyche besides love. There are some great reads by J.M. Redmann (the unput-downable Micky Knight series), Lee Lynch (Beggar of Love, a delicious read) Justine Saracen (Mephisto Aria, a favorite of mine), Jennifer Harris (Pink, so fun), Lindsey Stone (Awakening to Sunlight, a must-read), and Rebecca S. Buck (Truths, a time-jumping treat), and of course KI Thompson (House of Clouds, the classic that inspired the Victory Editions line). And that’s just to name a few. Most of us include love (and some of it damn sexy love) but our stories break free from the classic romance.

So, you reader of romance, I dare you to take a risk and try something new. Check out the Victory Editions Line. You won’t be sorry.

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